Saturday, July 18, 2009

What qualities must a good teacher have?


  1. A good sense of humour!
    quintessential to liven up a dull classroom.

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  4. Passion to see growth in their "subjects"
    *Pun intended*

    I think whilst it's important to maintain a teacher-student relationship, it's important to see the student as a person and not a "project" to be built. As teachers, we partner with their parents to shape the future generations.

    What we impart to them is a portion of our souls, and we hope that whatever part we share with them, they will take for the rest of their journey as distinct and unique individuals.

    Teachers.. carry a heavy responsibility to be real role models who project the future for these children for the glory of the nation.

    *This sounds like a blog post*

  5. Thank u so much Fazilah and Paul for ur comments. very beautifully said. When it comes to having a great sense of humour it is absoulutely crucial to live up a dull classroom. For the 1st time in my life as a teacher for 11 years i have encountered a great feeling recently when i cracked a joke in English and my form lower 6 students just laughed. It felt so good to hear the laughters. previously in my other classes i had to translate the jokes into BM and of course the students laughed but somehow the essense of the humour got lost in translation. :) God i love my job as a teacher.

  6. my teacher sooooooooooo...emmm
    i,m scared with her!
    penah sekali,member sye kena marah sbb tya soalan yg sptutnya kitaorang thu jwapannya[kkdang mnusia pon leh lupa],,[hehe] apa lgi,mgamuk la,teacher tu dalm bilik kuliah! smpai skrang,kitaorang dah xberani tanya apa2 kt teacher yang mgajar kitaorang sbb tkut.
    knpa guru perlu marah2 jika seorang student hya bertyakn soalan yg simple shja even soaln yg ditya,,ialah tjuk yg lps?
    mybe sbb ini,rmai student ambil keputusan dduk syap sja dari tya soalan dkt guru..
    i,m sorry,s just my personal opinion.