Sunday, July 19, 2009

How does watching English and American t.v programmes help you to improve your English besides reading?


  1. by listening to the idioms and expressions used in their dialogues. you don't often get to hear the usage in our daily school life over here in Malaysia or through reading.
    For example, a simple good luck wish. instead of saying good luck, i discovered through the american programmes that you can say ,"break your leg" or "be the best and kick ass.".
    i find it very interesting.

  2. Fazilah, yeap right you are. i believe that the expressions used in the movies or t.v series are very authentic and we are actually learning from the native speakers of English. i have been watching t.v series, movies, cartoons and listening to songs all my life and Alhamdulillah i have improved a lot then i will keep on doing the same thing and of course plus reading a lot too hehehe. thanks again and keep the comments coming.