Sunday, July 19, 2009

What is the best way to capture the students' attention?


  1. I would have to say the best way to capture my students' attention is my own enthusiasm in my lesson. If a teacher is not passionate in his or her own lesson at that pericular time then it would be impossible for the students to be interested in that particular lesson. I would have to be fair to myself and to my students. Well we are only humans after all. There are times when I have personal problems and not forgetting the challenges that I have to face at work. As I enter my classroom I will try my very best to brush those negative thoughts aside and use my classroom as an escapade from all those matters for a while. I would use all my energy to absorb in my lesson and just teach. I believe in being honest, humble, sincere, humorous and intelligent in my lessons and I pray that I am on the right track and I always learn from my past experiences too.

  2. well said! i used to carry out this simple survey among my f5 students of the same topic. some of the responses were hilarious. let me just list down a few -
    - look into the studets eyes and maintain eye contact
    - when the students are not expecting, call their name
    - wear trendy fashionable clothes with matching heels and handbag
    - ...and matching eyeshadows....
    - sense of humour ( may sound cliche but most students stated this in their response )
    - watch your tone. can you imagine listening to a teacher who speaks or explains something in monotonous tone without any rhythm? can't blame the students for sleeping in class, can you?
    - use ABM, or teaching aids. thanks to PPSMI. the software can now do the teaching and explaining...
    - teachers should sometimes be a clown without embarassing herself. Bozo the Clown? insulting my intelligence you may say, but it sure helps to get students attention... i know. that's debateable. that's what my students said.
    - show your enthusiasm. like the way you pointed out above. its contagious. i mean the enthusiasm you show will infect the rest of the class.
    - smile. simply smile while teaching, and smile from your heart. can you do that? can you still smile when that mischievous boy at the back keeps on teasing the girl infront of him or hitting his neighbour?
    - wear your clothes inside out.or wear a wig to class. do so unintentionally. that will surely attract students attention. their eyes will be glued to you and you will be teaching enthusiastically when you saw that smile and giggle when you speak, thinking that they were enjoying your lesson...

    what do you think?

  3. Fazilah, thanks for ur great always:) well i agree will all of the above except wearing my clothes inside out, hahahahaha!!! but if that incident happens then again for sure all my students' eyes will be glued on me for sure...hmmm....i hope that day would not happen but the possibility is still there hehehe. Well that's make us humans right? sometimes the imperfections make an ordinary lesson becomes an extra ordinary one :) God , we just love this teaching business. Don't we all :)

  4. Fazilah is right in saying that the responses she received from her students are hilarious.

    As for me, I prefer to call their names. This works. Especially when you call out the names of those naughty ones. They will definitely give you the attention you deserved. Even for a few brief moments. As far as I'm concerned, calling the students' names is effective in grabbing their attention.

    I also asked them to draw pictures from newspaper articles to just let them be creative and to avoid boredom -- credit to Puan Hajjah Rofiza Aboo Bakar, by the way.

    I make jokes, once in a while. sometimes they laugh at my jokes and sometimes they simply laugh at me. I try to smile all the way. I guess, it's true what Fazilah said. You have to smile from your heart. And I guess I do. At least that is what I feel ;-)

  5. Anizan, thanks for ur comments. i like the strategy that u used that is by calling the names of the naughty ones. i did that too and it really worked wonders. smiling from the heart is the key to capture not just the students' attention but their hearts too. i believe if they know that their teachers truly care and love them and sincerely want to impart knowledge then they will respect and love the teachers too. Thus they will try their best to perform better in the subject. i still remember last year when i was teaching in the same school with Fazilah. Before our former form 5 students sat for their English Spm paper, Fazilah and I made sure to "salam" our students and gave our students (the girls) a hug and the boys would walk pass us and we would wish them the best of luck. It worked , Alhamdulillah the number of students who passed English and scored better had indeed increased. well thanks again and keep the comments coming.