Thursday, July 16, 2009

Should Teachers and Students be best buddies?


  1. As a techer I believe in having a very good rapport with all of my students. I truely believe that students and teachers do not live in 2 different worlds. We are in the same world and to co-exist in perfect harmony, we have to embrace and tolerate each other's needs and differences. What better way to achieve that besides being buddies. It is okay to be close to our students as long as we know our limits and mutual respect is still the basis of our relationship.

  2. Teachers are the 2nd Family in every students Life.. We always wanted to be buddies with them(teachers), to share anything or something wich we think that we cannot share with our 1st famliy(parents).. BUT do Teachers want to be buddies with students?(us) .. =)
    Overall, yes Teachers n Student should be best buddies =)) "with limit of-course"

  3. not for every one......................................................

  4. Dear CyberMoney, thank u so much for ur comment. yes i truly agree with u that there should be limits. yes on behalf of other teachers i would say yes we want to be buddies with students. infact Alhamdulillah my rapport with my students are good as i believe in being a good listener for them. The students need someone to rely on, to trust and to support them as well. that's where teachers come in to be there at the right time. but then again teachers are only humans and so do studets. the best thing is to learn to tolerate and improve the teacher-student relationship. thanks again.

  5. Dear Shakkir, u r entitled to have ur own opinion. Thanks anyways :)

  6. hey miss..WOW.
    Some of the teacher yes but some of the teacher no.
    Some of the teacher think that we are student so students dengan cg ada limitnya,i am a teacher who is teaching u and u have to respect me.
    But some of the teacher like u.of course totally diff.
    u r the type that have a very good rapport between student.
    So keep it up. It is so cool.
    U know teacher fazilah is the coolest tch i ever meet <3
    Miss customize ur blog k=)
    It is your turn to view my blog.

  7. Dear Chiawei,

    thank u for visiting my blog and gave a comment too. good to know frm u that me and teacher fazilah r having a very good rapport with our students. yes i will visit ur blog too and yes i will customize my blog. thanks dear <3

  8. salam.
    hi there amiza. congratulations! you have successfully laid out a platform for your friends and students to speak up.
    speaking from my humble experience, i am to the opinion that teachers and students can be best buddies, as long as they know their own limitations.
    teachers are setting themselves for disaster if they aim to be close friends to their students because the actual role of a teacher is of that of a role model. they should be role models to their students as students need someone to guide them and be their mentor. becoming a role model to someone is not an easy process. it involves trust and understanding. you don't simply become close to a student or a teacher just because she's beautiful, smart or popular. you don't develop the rapport overnight as it involves certain process of developing trust, compatibility, mutual understanding and respect.
    which explains why some students are just teachers pet, while the others just throw their tantrums to get the teachers' attention and thus leads to further misunderstanding.
    personally, i think having a good rapport with my students is very helps me to get feedback from my my lesson carried out well? do they manage to get what i am trying to say in class? are they having any problems with my lesson? when you try to connect to and be frank with your students, they could sense it and return it back with an open heart and an open mind.
    i still keep in touch with my former students. i try to keep up with their latest progres, and learn to memorise their kids name. i found out that we become even closer when they are not our students anymore.
    so, i am very content with the kind of relationship im having with my students right now as i have set out a clear rule of my position and my students never transgress their limit. they can freely come to me, share with me about anything- their teenage angst, relationship problems,studies,complications, frustration and what not...and i will be willing to listen to them, to be the shoulders for them to cry on, unconditionally, without prejudice, as long as they need me,trust me and have faith in me.
    god i love this job......

  9. Dear Amiza, as a teacher ,i think teacher and students can be buddies but not best buddies because teachers should be the role models for students. If they become best buddies there might be a tendency for some students to overstep the boundary.I think teachers should always have good rapport with their students and be approachable whenever the students need their help.I have students after leaving schools, graduated from universities and they still keep in touch with me and vist me whenever they are free. So as long as we teachers are considerate, patient and helpful i think students would always find us to be theier buddies. from Mdm tan

  10. hi miss,
    i wish i have a teacher who can become my teachers in kedah.they were very funny,knowledgeable,kind and very sporting.i miss them very much.they help me to become a good student.unlike the teacher in perlis.the teacher were very proud of themselves.they were very egoistic.when we were talking about mass and volume,we were fighting about 1 word,a very common is 'liquid'.my teacher say the word as 'liqiud'.the fighting started as one my friend corrected the teacher.
    but we know..many teachers got strong the computer lab became noisy like cat and dog.
    i still want to be a good student.teachers can teach students but they can also learn from support that students can be friend with teacher. :)

  11. Dear Zill, Madam Tan and Danial. Thank u so much for giving your comments. I really appreciate it very much. May God bless you allalways. I welcome your comments any time. Danial, I am very sorry that you encountered a bad experience with a teacher in Perlis. Not all teachers are like that. Well I agree with you when you said that teachers can also learn from their students. Thank you again and keep the comments coming okay :)

  12. well... techers and student can never be best buddies. but that does not meant that they can respect each other or be very close... as adult and teenagers...

  13. Why not? As long as we respect each other. As long as we know our boundaries. It's easier said than done. But it will be worth it. True, it is delicate. How close should these best buddies bond? What is ok and what is a no-no. Personally, I like to keep it casual. I mean, we teachers should say hi to them (students) once in a while. We shouldnt wait for them to make the move as they might feel shy or simply awkward seeing and communicating with us on the street. We should be approachable. Smiling won't hurt you, kan? Be prepared to listen as they might pour their heart out to you (not professing love, hopefully). They might open up and tell you stories, share their experiences, asking for our opinions on matters that matter to them.

  14. Yeah,
    i think teacher n student should be friend or best buddies.....
    Because without that, the teacher can't understand student and student can't understand teacher.....
    There's no cooperation between teacher and student.....