Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too many horror t.v series and horror movies in Malaysia nowadays? Is it good or bad for us?


  1. i think is maybe bad? it can give some weak hearted peoples nighmare and that will disturb their sleep. some people are ok with horror movies becouse there are part of human life. i can that this is a nice blog and i love the pictures in in . i made a blog too. but doesn't actually have the time to organize it

  2. Salam Zakuan,

    Thanks so much for your comment. Yes I agree with u totally when you said certain people with weak hearts might not be able to stand horror movies. Thank u for liking this blog. InsyaAllah I will visit your blog too. Keep the comments comming :)

  3. it's defenitely not good..it's very bad..what the purpose actually?..to scare all the kids?..my son n nephew even scared to go to the bathroom juz because of these kind of movies and it makes me angry!!!these kind of movie is dfntly a no no in my house!!it's ALLAH u all should be scared of..mak mak dah start berleter..hehe..

  4. Dear Hanani, thanks for ur comments. Yes i agree with u too. These type of t.v series or movies really leave a negative impact on children and sometimes adults too. Well i think as a good and educated mother u know what's best for ur children and i congratulate u for being a responsble parent. Keep the comments coming :)

  5. I couldnt agree more with zakuan and hanani.
    I am one of the scaredy-cats out there. hahaha...
    I dont enjoy movies or dramas that scare the hell out of me.
    They give me chills.
    I keep on imagining things weeks after watching such movies. So now that I am smarter, I avoid from watching them. Even the promos! I guess people who like to watch these kind of programmes simply love to challenge themselves. Not more than that.

  6. Anizan, i see what u mean. i am like that too, the images that i saw in the horror movies will linger in my mind not just weeks but i think forever!!! hehehe for example the Queen of Japanese Ghost the ever famous Ju On.The scene of Ju On climbing down the stairs head first is still fresh in my memory.sorry ,if i described the horror flick quite vivid just now. well like u i would avoid horror movies or t.v series and the promos too ehhehe :)

  7. Althought i love horror movies such as The Fog, Susuk and others....
    I can't say it is good or bad to us...
    What can i say it's depend to the people that watch the horror movies......