Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How do you describe a true friend or friends ?


  1. someone who accepted us for who we really are? for better or worse.. (giggle) can help us when we need .. even it is just a little...someone we can talk out our problems .. can tell them everything and can keep it a secrets.. be there when we needed them the most.. knows ahat we can and cannot do... accept our weaknesses and cherish our ability...

  2. i will always cherish my friends... no matter what... becouse there are my friends.. my father always said that sould make a lot of friends .. and when we have them, take care of them and they will do the same.. if you want someone to respect you you must respect them first... but friends is someone you know and trust.. as your relationship grows so will your trust..and some one you know is just well someone you know.. that does't meant you should trust them without knowing how there relly are.. different from friend or someone you trust.. remember that..

  3. my father also said that even if our life is like abed of rosses one day or another.. we will need help.. and friends you can count on is important..

  4. i would feel so frustrated if i cannot help a friend in need or just be helpful... if my friends are feeling down i would feel the same.. if there are happy then so wiil i... i hate being selfish... i also hate hurting my friends whether it is fhisically or emosionally.. so i try to be helpful to my friends and everyone around me.. but i still lacks the confidents .. huh as always.. but i,m learning how to be helpful and be more awarw of thigd around .. well i,m a little slow on thing.. like someone would notice that something is wrong and i would be like huh?what?!

  5. emm..true frends...susah dan senang bersama...ketawa dan menangis bersama..willing t sacrifice anything as long as good for both sides..thats a true friends..for me..

  6. how can i be helpful if i,m always like that.. but i,m happy on where i am today with my old and new friends.. not just that i will keep improving myself.. to be better..for me and my friends sake

  7. the things that make s me cherish my friends so much is becouse i hate being alone.. a had experience of being so lonely.. no one to talk too and to share our problem..inmake me feel so sad thinking of that... in earlier years of my life.. everyone use to think that i,m just a silent and arrogant person .. just becouse i never talk to any one .. i,m just alittle shy.. wll maybe little is not the right word (giggle)but they are people who can see right through me.. and become someone you can call a friends...and i learn a thing or two from them how to make friends and most importantly is how to became a good friend

  8. i love talking to my best friends, sharing experience problems... and we could talk on just almost everithing.. we would laugh, tell jokes together.. its alot of fun.. he is now studying in penang.. eve we are apart but we still can sma each other.. or like peolpe nowdays like to say ... ym(yahoo messagger)..

  9. Zakuan and Princess Mel,thanks so much for ur great comments. Especially Zakuan, u r still my favourite commenter. Thanks for willing to share ur experience in my blog Zakuan :)

  10. A true friend is a person who understands us especially when we are not talking.

  11. even if perception org of frend to me >>>that friend important
    one friend will not let his friend cry ,sad ,sad etc.
    friend yang genuine is able one friend invited to sit n apa jua ... matter .
    importantly , one friend will always present smile for rakannya >>
    soryy bahasa inggeris berterabur>

  12. to me if there are no friend rasa mcm sunyi n tiada smangat untuk blajar .

  13. “Teman yang paling baik adalah apabila kamu melihat wajahnya, kamu teringat akan Allah, mendengar kata-katanya menambahkan ilmu agama, melihat gerak-gerinya teringat mati.”

  14. To me, friends is someone that close with us... she/he able to share their problem with us... so, that is the meaning of the true friends.....

  15. In my opinion is...
    There is no greater blessing than an understanding friend,who's there in
    times of trouble and on whom we can depend. A friend who knows our every mood And brightens cloudy days, One who's slow to criticize
    But quick to offer praise. There is no greater blessing Than a friend who always cares, One who will remember us
    In daily thoughts and prayers.

    (Ubah sikit2 ayat...)

  16. A TRUE FRIEND.............................??? hmmmm… a true friend is the one who shoulder when u cry help u in every way and yes he/she always knows everything about u but still likes u they know ur negative and positive points but still can't leave ur hand even for a second and.................... i think when u talk with them u feel to say everything in ur heart openly u dont know why but thats a unique feeling! thats a true frez...

  17. A true friend to me is someone who will be there for you no matter what. Someone you can call when you are having a bad day and they listen to you and try to make you feel better. A true friend is someone who calls you to see how you are doing, wishes you and your family nothing but the best, and will stand by you no matter what!!? A true friend is someone who will help you to their best ability and if they can't help you guide you in the right direction. A true friend will do anything for you and not stab you in the back. True friends are hard to find so when you have one you should do all these things and then some for them because you love them!

  18. Kawan yang betol2 kawan is...
    "Bila kita SENANG, dia ada... Bila kita SUSAH pun dia ada"
    itu baru betol kawan.., sory to say... kebanyakan yang selalu terjadi ialah.., bila kita senang ramai betol kawan2 di samping kita.... yang tu sy TABIK SPRING!!! but, bila kita susah???? bayang2 pun x nampak...

    About this topic, sy memang ambil berat skit sebab sy susah nak cari seorang yang benar2 bergelar KAWAN (",)

  19. i memag x ramai friend .. but although no many my friend is happy because the friend understand me ....

  20. i always pray that ican be a friends taht can be understanding and some that you can openly talk too...i,m still learning but i hope one day we can truely understand each other.... zakuan nak mintak maaf kepada sesiapa yang zakuan ada buat salah terhadap nya..secara sedar aatu tidak sedar...im trully sory...and i hope i can make it up too you... SORRY:(

  21. to any one who read or commented in this blog... i just want to say that i,m sorry...if i have done anything 0r say anything to hurt any of you...

  22. are not easy want find good friend .......
    not easy also want be good friend ...
    good friend not have gosip behind his best friend....
    good friend not ever jelez with his best friend success......
    on the other hand good friend help his best friend to achieve success...

  23. kawan yang baik ialah kawan yang hati budinya berada dekat di sisi allah ...

  24. Anizan, Wanie,Zulfadhli and Zakuan, thanks for ur views...:) well said..beautifully said :)

  25. 4 the add comment..., A frez x semestinya berdamping dengan kita selalu..
    ada masa'a berenggang jugak.. as a FREZ, kita mesti tau bila masa kawan kita perlukan masa privasi'a... bukan hanya paham kawan tp kena jugak paham perangai, emosi, sumer2 lah...
    Yang ada kawan tu terus kan berkawan.., jangan terlalu menjaga sesuatu perhubungan tu.. maksud Shaza perhubungan kawan tu x kan terputus.. so, jangan takot kawan tu akan lari dari kita...
    "apa yang shaza merepek nh??" hope someone tu paham... kawan x semesti'a seseorang... banyak.. sume orang boleh jadi kawan kita..
    tak kira dalam usia tua mahupun muda...
    so?? kawan lah dengan sapa2 pun.... (n__n)

    p/s :Sempat lagi berkempen...

  26. actually for me i don't believe a true frenz..
    i don't know why..mybe bcoz i don't have one..
    but i totally agree what zakuan n shaza said about a "Bila kita SENANG, dia ada... Bila kita SUSAH pun dia ada"itu baru betol kawan.., sory to say... kebanyakan yang selalu terjadi ialah.., bila kita senang ramai betol kawan2 di samping kita.... yang tu sy TABIK SPRING!!! but, bila kita susah???? bayang2 pun x nampak...(this is what shaza said)i already had this experienced..hurmmmm..how about u teacher amiza?

  27. i'm so glad dat hve 1 frenz alwys be wif me in whatever situation..her nme is khalilah...but now she was in poli...so sad but i'm hope she will achive her ambitions

  28. i agree nd totally understand.thanks. i,m alittle hurt but i,ll be ok,,.. like i said .. i,m a littl slow..(lembab skit nak pham perasaan org lain) you have to well straight foward with me couse i won,t grab the hints.. if you have problem... you can ask me for help...i will try my best to help you...

  29. Thanks for your comments Ahmad Rafiq, Awa Wawa and Zakuan. Well to answer your question Rafiq,
    I think a true friend is a person who cares, understands, appreciates,feels sorry, respects, listens, acknowledges,protects, defends and love his or her true friend unconditionally. But then again humans are not perfect so we have to learn to tolerate each other's differences. There will be times when friendships break. Well it is a clear sign that he or she is not a true friend. Then again, life is unpredictable right...so there will be new friends and hopefully those new friends will eventually become true friends :)

  30. when being friends.. we are being naive....but thats what make friends so unpredictable...

  31. life would be borring without unpredictable thing happening around uss... whatever life you may lead ..let it be a good one :)

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  33. kpda AHMAD RAFIQ.true frend is real!
    i,m right teacher?

  34. A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.emm,,If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them.

  35. emm,,Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you're down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times an dthe confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend hold your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.
    so? renug2 kn..dan selamat beramal..

  36. for me,A true friend is...
    -Accepts you as you are
    -believes in you
    -calls you only to say "hello/assalamualaikum[for muslim]"
    -doesn't give up with you
    -admires all sides of your personality
    -forgives your mistakes
    -helps you
    -encourages you to try it again
    -makes a difference in your life
    -says nice things about you
    -offers his/her support
    -understands you
    -tells you the truth
    -never judges you
    -explains things you don't understand
    -walks by your side
    -calms down your fears
    -shouts if necessary, if you don't want to listen
    -raises you spirit.

  37. emm.kwan mmg best! tpi yg xbest..klu kwan kita dah XTEGUR SAPA gan kita..kn?
    dalm islam,,klu kita xbertgur dalm masa 3 hari ,dah berdosa dah tu..[berdakwah la plak]
    so,xbaik klu lari dri kwan kita yg berniat mmg nk kwan gan kita even orang disekiling pdag ain mcm.. jagn,kerna orang ,,kita abaikan kwan..
    dan biar lah,berkwan tu..niat kerana ALLAh.
    jgn semata2 kerna duniawi shja.
    kpda yg berkaitan,,xpyah la..gduh2 or seangkatan dgannya..k?
    renung2 kn dan selamt beramal!

  38. Aishah, thanks dear for ur lovely comments. I agree with you too. :) Keep the comments coming.