Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan is here Alhamdulillah. Any tips on staying healthy this Ramadhan?


    ramadhan in face make healthy body..
    for staying healthy this ramadhan choose balanced food when berbuka or post-midnight meal..
    i believe Ramadhan is a chance given by Allah to start over new leaf...
    it is a month full of forgiveness..
    Ramadhan is not just a month of abstaining .it is agift a chance .and regrettably .
    doubled reword from ALLAH for good works.
    i very grateful

  2. Sesungguhnya telah datang kepada kamu bulan Ramadhan bulan yang penuh berkat. Allah telah fardhukan ke atas kamu berpuasa padanya. Sepanjang bulan Ramadhan itu dibuka segala pintu Syurga dan ditutup segala pintu neraka serta dibelenggu segala syaitan......

  3. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, our diet should not differ very much from our normal diet and should be as simple possible. The diet should be such that we maintain our normal weight, neither losing nor gaining. However, if one is overweight, Ramadan is an ideal time to normalise one's weight. (But not 4 diet time-remember that)

    In view of the long hours of fasting, we should consume slow digesting foods including fibre-containing foods rather than fast-digesting foods. Slow digesting foods last up to 8 hours, while fast-digesting foods last for only 3 to 4 hours.

    Slow-digesting foods are foods that contain grains and seeds like barley, wheat, oats, millet, beans, unpolished rice and so on. (All from carbohydrates group)

    Fast-during foods that contain sugar, white flour, etc.

    Fibre-containing foods are bran-containing foods, whole wheat, grains and seeds, vegetables like green beans, peas, spinach, and other herbs that you all know, etc.

    Lastly, the foods eaten should be well-balanced, containing foods from each food group. For example, fruits, vegetable, meat/chicken/fist, bread/cereals and dairy products. Fried foods are unhealthy and should be limited. They cause indigestion, heart-burn, and weight problems.

  4. Salam my dear beloved students, thanks very much for your comments. Alhamdulillah Ramadhan is here and may Allah bless us with great health and patience so that we can fulfill our duties as true Muslims in this holy Month of Ramadhan :)

  5. fasting is good for health...when we braking our fast,we must eat for our enough...we must be more patient when we fasting because there are many difficulities when we fasting...

  6. It's a month that all muslims waiting for.We can stay our healthy wthout having a diet.The thing that we should done is just take a good food during breaking of fast.Such as dates.
    It's a raw fruit and can recharge our energy.Futhermore,it's good taking a raw fruits when we are hungry.
    Beside that,when we solat terawih we are exercising.It's not a reason that we can't exersice in fasting month.
    I really graceful because I were able to fulfill one of my duties as muslim.


  7. salam ramadhan....i think ramadhan is the best month for we to focus on religions. Ramadhan teach us to be patient when fasting because we can't eat and drink until maghrib. Not only that, even we can't eat and drink, we must also prevent ourselves from do a bad things. SALAM RAMADHAN 4 ALL MUSLIMS.....

  8. Azli, Niena and Keruples, thank you so much for ur great comments. sorry for the late reply. Wishing u Eid Mubarak :) Keep safe u all :)