Monday, April 5, 2010

MBMMBI....Memperkasakan Bahasa Inggeris? How far this is going to be effective?


  1. when we talk about policy, the effectiveness always falls on the implementors' shoulders. if teachers implement as what we are asked to, no doubt, policy such as MBMMBI will produce fruitful results. It's up to US.

  2. azaLEa, thanks for your comments. yes but i'm afraid this policy is making some students fall through the cracks. Many teachers were not around for so many days and the majority of students (unlike the ones in Cluster schools) could not study on their own. Thus their results were quite bad in the the mid term. Well I have to say that in the long run MBMMBI can help students to master certain skills but for now I can only see the negative effects of this policy. But then I'm sure teachers are great adapters and adopters so insyaAllah they will try their best to help their students to catch up before the Trial Exam and the Public Exams starts... All the best to us teachers and students.