Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to make students speak English more in the classroom?


  1. it's a matter of attitude. they have the mental blocks that have always been there. all we need to make our students proficient in speaking English language is to create the environment. it's proven. but with mental blocks they have, we have to think of ways get rid of the barrier first.

  2. i agree with u azalea...1st thing 1st... attitude change...we have to create a friendlier environment for our students so theat they will be willing to speak jump start the speaking task..give them clear guidelines and later get them to speak in small groups as this will surely help to give them confidence. it's proven and i have tried this with my MUET students...The outcome was great and postive too.Alhamdulillah..Students need a lot of encouraging words from us teachers...we have to be more constructive in our comments too :) thanks dear for ur comments :)