Friday, November 27, 2009

Long Term School Holiday is finally here...what should we do to fill our free time wisely?


  1. as salam,

    Me! I do alot and lots of reading,makan2,writing my next book as well... dreaming sometimes & will go balik kampung..

  2. read books...
    study?? (maybe)
    clean our house or do some spring cleaning with our family
    try to stay safe
    catch up on old friends

  3. sorry that i did not have to much time in commenting in your blog...
    still trying to catch up on things and a lot has happen in my life,,,
    also i,m still trying to be or act more mature as my age is already 18
    its great being in a TESL course and meeting different people from different country and with different point of views ( really different)
    but i learn to like it in time

  4. @Noor Arbaiah: sis thanks for ur comments. so sorry for the late reply. i have been so busy holidaying hehehe. miss u n love u always :)
    @Zakuan: thanks for ur comments and all the best in ur studies...great to have another teslian in the making.